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Buildings Insurance

When buying a property, either to live in or rent out, it is usually a condition of your mortgage that you have adequate Buildings Insurance.

Buildings Insurance is designed to protect the permanent fixtures, fittings, and the structure of the property. It will cover repairs to important areas of the home such as kitchens, bathrooms, walls, ceilings and roofs, and it is also possible to include external structures on your property such as garages.

Because your mortgage is secured on the property.  The lender will want to make sure you have adequate cover in place.

Contents Cover

Contents cover, covers  the loss of or damage to the contents of your home, this includes household goods and personal belongings. Some policies cover you for items you take outside of the home, for example cameras, jewellery and other personal effects.  Policies do vary and offer different levels of cover but generally you’ll be covered against loss or damage from causes such as fire, storm, flood or theft and have the option to insure against accidental damage.

Landlords Insurance

While it is similar to standard Buildings Insurance, this type of insurance is designed specifically to protect you against rental related issues.   For instance if you are left without rental payments, theft,  loss or damage to the property,  or if a visitor or tenant sustain an injury while on your property, for example, you will be covered legally.  It is also possible to cover more than one property. under one policy.

Tenant Protect

If you are a tenant, and want to ensure you can maintain your rental payments in the event of unemployment, or an unforseen specified critical illness, we can have a look at suitable cover for you.  within your budget.  This will show the landlord you are a responsible tenant.